Bangladesh Social Development Academy (BSDA) is a nonprofit, non-government Social Development Organization established in 1996 by Dr. Mr. Abdus Salam with assistance of some enthusiastic youth, teachers and social workers. In 1993 a rural library was established at Mohishkota village under Sadar Upazila to gather essential information, books and periodicals and to share Knowledge among the neighborhoods.

In 1996 these committed social workers made a plan to transform the library as a development organization and thus a social development organization emerged and named: Bangladesh Social Development Academy (BSDA). These pioneers are always ready to serve the poor and committed to promote humanity in the society. It is a common phenomenon that the poor, destitute, landless and distressed people who lived in the remotest corner of the rural and slum areas living below the subsistence level.

Due to various limitation and complications like poor level of awareness, illiteracy, lack of skills, poverty etc., they are unable to establish their due rights in the society. Consequently the poor people are abandoned as because they are unable to take part in the on-going development activities undertaken by the government and non-government organizations. BSDA is implementing different development and humanitarian service oriented programs within its working areas. BSDA is registered with the Department of Social Welfare Department, Dinajpur in 1997.

VISION: An exploitation, pollution, poverty-free, healthy and self-reliant society.


Registration Authority Registration No Date
Department of Social Services Dinaj-1198/97 26.11.1997
Department of Youth Development DYD/Dinajpur-121/Sadar-50/2000 29.03.2000
Bangladesh Technical Education Board (BTEB), Dhaka BTEB/C/2004/4480 26.06.2004
Micro-credit Regulatory Authority (MRA), Dhaka 01994-00796-00114 15.01.2008
NGO Affairs Bureau, Dhaka 2462 30.06.2009

Current BSDA Executive Committee

Name Designation Educational Qualification Profession
Dr. Md. Osman Ghani Chairman PhD Writer and Researcher
Muhammad Jahangir Alam Vice-Chairman BSc (Hons) MSc Professor
Dr. Md. Abdus Salam Member Secretary MPhil & PhD Executive Director
Md. Anowarul Islam Executive Member BA.BEd Teaching
Most. Rohima Executive Member Class-viii(From Group Member) Women Entrepreneur
Nabiul Ahsan Executive Member BA (Hons) MA Professor (Rtd)
Mst. Ismat Ara Executive Member BSc (Hons) MSc Lecture


BSDA emphasizes to work collaboratively with different like-minded GO-NGOs for to grow more strength and voice to the broader interest of National development. These are as follows:


  1. Coordinating Council for Human Rights in Bangladesh (CCHRB), Dhaka.
  2. Self-Help Promotion, Dhaka, Bangladesh.
  3. Credit and Development Forum (CDF), Dhaka, Bangladesh.
  4. Centre for Women and Children Studies (CWCS), Dhaka, Bangladesh.
  5. Fair Election Monitoring Alliance (FEMA), Dhaka, Bangladesh.
  6. Campaign for Popular Education (CAMPE), Dhaka, Bangladesh.


  1. People’s Health Movement- Bangladesh Circle, Bangladesh
  2. PADOR-European Union, External cooperation programmes
  3. South Asia Social Forum, Bangladesh
  4. Right to Food Bangladesh


  2. GoB/Ministry of Women and Children Affairs
  3. Bangladesh NGO Foundation (BNF)
  4. World Mission Prayer League (LAMB Hospital)
  5. Housing Fund, Bangladesh Bank
  6. BASIC Bank Limited
  7. Mutual Trust Bank Limited
  8. Trust Bank Limited
  9. Standard Bank Limited
  10. Southeast Bank Limited
  11. Midland Bank Limited
  12. First Security Islami Bank Limited.

Call Us: +88-0531-61208


  • 1.0 Education and Training Programme (ETP)
  • 1.1 Non-Formal Primary Education (NFPE) Project
  • 1.2 BSDA Education, Information & Library Support (BEILS) Project
  • 1.3 HR and Capacity Building training (HRCB)
  • 1.4 IGA Training Project (IGTP)
  • 1.5 BSDA Formal Education Program (BFEP)
  • 1.5.1 BSDA Primary Education Academy (Primary School)
  • 1.5.2 BSDA Education Academy (High School)
  • 2.0 Social Development Programme (SDP)
  • 2.1 Adibashi Development Project (ADP)
  • 2.2 Public Health and Nutrition Awareness Project (PHNAP)
  • 2.3 Vulnerable Group Development (VGD) Project
  • 3.0 Micro Credit Support Programme (MCSP)
  • 3.1 Rural Micro Finance Project (RMFP)
  • 3.2 Urban Micro Finance Project (UMFP)
  • 3.3 Micro- Enterprise Development Assistance Project (MEDAP)
  • 3.4 Housing Loan Support Project (HLSP)
  • 3.5 Food Security and Agricultural (FoSAL) Project
  • 3.6 Islami Micro Finance Project (IMFP)
  • 4.0 Pilot project (PP)
  • 4.1 Disaster, Environment, and Climate change Awareness Project (DECAP)
  • 4.2 Protecting Women and Children Right Awareness Project (PWCRAP)
  • 4.3 BSDA Non-Formal Primary Education (BNFPE) Project
  • 4.4 Land Rights Awareness Project (LRAP)

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BSDA TIMELINE: 1996-2017







Divisions Districts Upazilas
Rangpur Dinajpur Dinajpur Sadar, Birol, Chairirbandor, Khanshama, Birgonj, Kaharol, Parbotipur, Fullbari, Birmpur, Ghoraghat.
Thakurgaon Thakurgaon Sadar, Baliadangi, Pirgonj, Ranisonkoil, Horipur.
Panchagoar Panchagoar Sadar, Teatulia, Atoaray, Boda, Davigonj.
Rangpur Rangpur Sadar, Gongachora, Badorgonj, Taragonj, Mithapakur.
Nilphamari Nilphamari Sadar, Saidpur, Kishorgonj, Domar, Dimla, Jalldhaka.
Kurigram Kurigram Sadar, Fullbari.
Lalmonirhat Lalmonirhat Sadar, Adaitmari, Hatibandha.
Rajshahi Bogura Bogura Sadar, Dhunote, Sherpur.
Divisions: 2 Districts: 8 Upazilas: 39

BSDA TIME LINE: 1996-2018

1996 BSDA Started its journey as an NGO from a rural library in the Mohishkotha village in Auliapur UP under Sadar Upazila of Dinajpur District. Launchsd Literacy Education.
1997 Registered by Department of Social Servicse.
1998 Completed field survey and Group formation and started Savings mobilization and Micro-credit, Health and Nutrition education, development education and Training Activity.
1999 Integrated Development Program (IDP) initiated with IGA, WATSAN, Forestry and Environment development, Women development, Micro-Enterprise Development Assistance Project (MEDAP), TEEP was renamed as BSDA Computers.
2000 IDP included Social awareness and Development Activity. BSDA started NFPE and Adolescent education, Human Rights and Gender development, poultry and livestock activities. Microcredit expanded its activity for general loan, seasonal loan through MEDAP. BSDA enlisted by Department of Youth Development.
2001 IDP included Health and Environment development activity and started Nursery, vegetable gardening activities. Awareness raising Children and Human rights, birth registration child and women trafficking and included HRD and computer training.
2002 Started Micro-credit programme.
Started Income generating, group formation and individual activities.
Whole Micro-credit started poverty reduction activity
2003 Post-literacy and continued education for human development (PLCEHD)-1 Project included under the education Program. Skill Development training included under training Program. All micro-credit activities came under Micro-Credit Support Program (MCSP), housing loan support project with MCSP.
2004 All social development activity started working under Social Development program (SDP) and all training activities came under the Training program. BSDA Computer’s Affiliated by Bangladesh Technical Education Board (BTEB), Dhaka.
2005 With SDP which is included Women-child and Human Rights development activity. It divided into Women and child development activity, Human Rights promotion and legal aid support activity and Good governance activity. WATSAN project launched.
2006 SDP included Health & Environment Development and HIV/AIDS prevention project.
2007 SDP included primary Health Care Awareness Education, Homestead Vegetable and nursery development project.
2008 MCSP licensed by Micro-credit Regulatory Authority (MRA), Dhaka. New areas included Women and Child Development, Human Rights, Legal Aid, Good govemance and Policy Advocacy.
2009 Human Resource Education Program and Training program combined with Education and Training program. Research project, Food security and Agriculture development project, Access to Disable Rights project initiated. IGA component expanded to IGA Training (IT).
BSDA registered by NGO Affairs Bureau, Office of the Prime Minister, Dhaka.
BSDA expanded its MCSP in two Upazila (Chirirbandar and Badarganj) by taking over the responsibilities of LAMB credit programme. One this is in Dinajpur and the other one is in Rangpur.
2010 Good governance and Policy advocacy project have shifted from Pilot project to Social development project under SDP.
2011 In the 3rd phase BSDA has started Awareness on Disaster Risk Reduction Project (DRRP) for Urban and Rural Areas of Dinajpur and Rangpur.
2012 The HNHGP project transformed in to Public Health and Nutrition Awareness Project (PHNAP).
BSDA launched its new Computer Training and HR Development Project (CTHRDP).
Started Protecting Women and Children Rights Awareness Project (PWCRAP).
BSDA started Adibasi Development Project (Micro Finance Assistance and Awareness) at Chirirbandar Upazila in Dinajpur and Badarganj Upazila in Rangpur.
Comprising two previous projects namely (EAEP and DRRP) launched a new pilot project called Disaster Environment and Climate Change Awareness Project (DECAP).
Disabled Rehabilitation and Rights Awareness Project (DRRAP) in Dinajpur town areas.
Two DRR projects (Environment Development Project and Awareness on Disaster Risk Reduction Project for Urban and Rural Areas of Dinajpur and Rangpur) merged and renamed as Disaster, Environment and Climate Change Issue Awareness project.
Food Security and Agricultural (FoSalP) Project initiated.
2013 BSDA started its Vulnerable Group Development (VGD) Project in Ghoraghat Upazila under Dinajpur District.
2014 BSDA Continued its Education Support Programme (ESP) from 1st July 2014 with the objective to support its poor beneficiary’s quality students to continue their better education.
2015 BSDA started its Education Support Programme from 1st July 2014 with the objective to support its poor beneficiary’s quality students to continue their better education.
2016 BSDA expanse its Non-Formal Primary Education (NFPE) Project from 1st January 2016 with the objective to support its poor beneficiary’s quality students to continue their better education.
2017 BSDA starts operating the Vulnerable Group Development (VGD) project of the Department of Women Affairs (DWA) under the Ministry of Women and Children Affairs (MoWCA).in Fullbari Upazila under Kurigram District.
2018 This year BSDA expanded its Primary Education (NFPE) Project in 2 Divisions and in 8 Districts. At the same time BSDA also entered in formal education programme through starting a BSDA Primary Education Academy (A quality Primary Education and Research Institute) and BSDA Education Academy (A quality High School Education and Research Institute).