An exploitation, pollution, poverty free, healthy and self reliant society.


Bangladesh Social Development Academy–BSDA is a non-profit non-government social development organization. It provides different kinds of supports and service to the backward, disadvantaged, marginal, low income and poverty stricken people. Special importance is given to the disabled and handicapped.

By keeping the Millennium Development Goals (MDG’s) in mind, the organization works on socio-economical, environmental and cultural development for the ADIBASHI and other minority groups and promote and preserve Human Rights. BSDA has been implementing its different need-based planned programs through gathering all probable resources ensuring its appropriate and effective utilization. It ensures participation of all level stakeholders in each program emphasizing gender equity and women-friendly policy.

On the other hand BSDA carry out different research activities to make implementation strategies more appropriate, dynamic and sustainable. Apart from this, organization conducting research and disseminating information and findings to the policy level decision makers and advocacy aiming to sustainable development of socio-economic and environmental issues for Northern Region of the country.


  1. To promote socio-economic development and establish exploitation free society through poverty alleviation, human rights and empower the men, women, children, disabled and aboriginals irrespective of any cast, color and religion those are backward, unprivileged and marginal in the community.
  2. To establish beautiful, balanced, sustainable society and free from terrorism and exploitation through protecting natural and social environment, improve law and order situation, maintaining and practicing balanced echo system, preserving flora-fauna, national and tribal tradition and culture.
  3. To establish a sound and active society through different programs aiming to avail facilities of public health and nutrition, mother and child health, reproductive health care, primary treatment, mental and drug addiction treatment and safe water for daily household use including drinking and sanitation.
  4. To create employment opportunities, poverty alleviation and uplifting the living standard of people through different programs aiming to appropriate and sustainable utilization of local resources like fishery, livestock, forestry, water, handicrafts, farming, land and khas land acquisition.
  5. To establish a modern and enlightened society through different institution building and extending formal and non-formal education, training, using scientific and information technology (IT) aiming to build human resources.
  6. To establish poverty free and self-dependent society through awareness raising on economical development and empowerment, motivation for savings and capital formation, training, entrepreneur development, employment creation and income generation for backward community. BSDA has undertaken independent and joint programs utilize its own fund or assisted from Donor, Bank, Insurance or other funding agencies and provide credit support among the target peoples.
  7. To provide action oriented supports to the affected and victim peoples as a part of emergency relief and rehabilitation activities in any accidental and disaster period.
  8. To establish a sound and self-dependent society that is free from exploitation, pollution and poverty maintaining GO-NGO liaison, networking, advocacy, monitoring, research and undertaking project jointly aiming to achieve above mentioned objectives.

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  • 1.0 Education and Training Programme (ETP)
  • 1.1 Non-Formal Primary Education (NFPE) Project
  • 1.2 BSDA Education, Information & Library Support (BEILS) Project
  • 1.3 HR and Capacity Building training (HRCB)
  • 1.4 IGA Training Project (IGTP)
  • 1.5 BSDA Formal Education Program (BFEP)
  • 1.5.1 BSDA Primary Education Academy (Primary School)
  • 1.5.2 BSDA Education Academy (High School)
  • 2.0 Social Development Programme (SDP)
  • 2.1 Adibashi Development Project (ADP)
  • 2.2 Public Health and Nutrition Awareness Project (PHNAP)
  • 2.3 Vulnerable Group Development (VGD) Project
  • 3.0 Micro Credit Support Programme (MCSP)
  • 3.1 Rural Micro Finance Project (RMFP)
  • 3.2 Urban Micro Finance Project (UMFP)
  • 3.3 Micro- Enterprise Development Assistance Project (MEDAP)
  • 3.4 Housing Loan Support Project (HLSP)
  • 3.5 Food Security and Agricultural (FoSAL) Project
  • 3.6 Islami Micro Finance Project (IMFP)
  • 4.0 Pilot project (PP)
  • 4.1 Disaster, Environment, and Climate change Awareness Project (DECAP)
  • 4.2 Protecting Women and Children Right Awareness Project (PWCRAP)
  • 4.3 BSDA Non-Formal Primary Education (BNFPE) Project
  • 4.4 Land Rights Awareness Project (LRAP)

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