“SUMON STORE” a small grocery shop at the mission road, adjacent to the Dinajpur kuthibari. He started his small shop in the year of 2008 with a capital of Tk. 1-15 thousand. The profit he used to make with this capital was very poor and he could not run his family nicely with this low profit. At this point one day he met with the BSDA worker and shared all the problems with him and showed his interest to become a samity member of BSDA.

At this period due to lack of good income his family could not have three times meal. They had no tube well and latrine and had only one room where all the family members used to live. Due to hardship of money he could not send his brother and sister to school.After that BSDA completed all the formalities and took him in as a samity member of BSDA. After a proper assessment BSDA sanctioned him a loan of Tk. 10,000. Sumon invested that 10,000 in his shop along with his own capital. Now he added many items in his shop and as a result his customers begun to increase and the business start to run well. He repaid his first loan and took more loans from BSDA and repaid his loan on a regular basis. At present Sumon has a net capital of Tk. 100,000 along with a fridge. Now from the income of this shop he can run his family very nicely. Now his family members getting three times good meal, his brother and sisters are going to school. Sumon has installed a tube well and a sanitary latrine at home. With the income of his shop now he has built a two room brick house. He evaluates himself that before joining the group after joining the group is a lot of difference. Now he can dream a better future ahead.

Araji galahar is a village under BSDA’s working area under the Auliapukur Union Parishad. Morjina Begum lives in n that village. While she was running her family in a serious hardship, one day all of a sudden she met the BSDA’s development worker. So she requested to the BSDA worker to form a group/samity in her village and with the assistance of the worker formed a group with her neighbors. Her samity code number is 51 and sanghati group code number is 317 and her samity formation date is 15.10.1995. After forming the Samity Morjina become happy and got mental strength to redesign her family. As her first loan she took Tk. 5000 from BSDA and engaged her husband in a hotel business. Her husband did very well with his hotel business and repaid the loan. As second loan she took Tk. 10,000 bought a homestead to make a house for living. She built a thatched house with her third loan. After repayment of her third loan she took Tk. 20,000 as forth loan and built a two room brick house. She has two daughters. The older daughter is married now and lives with her husband and the younger daughter is reading in class eight. She said by having on time loans and supports she has benefited in many respects and she is happy for all this happenings. She said that this Morjina who used to live in others land now she has own land and house. Now she has a sanitary latrine and all her family members use that latrine properly. Earlier she had no options of safe water now she has a tube well and they have safe water and many of her neighbors also use that tube well for homestead purposes. This has saved her doctor’s and treatment costs from many diseases because now the do net get sick often. Her social dignity and respects also increased significantly. She is grateful to BSDA.

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